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How to Control Piano Humadity

Did you know How to control piano humidity and what a piano is made from? It is made from wood, leather, wool and felt. All these materials have the capability to absorb air moisturize. The material tends to absorb more moisturize as the air become more moisturize. The moisture part affects the dimensions and it
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How Piano Keys Work

Did you know how piano keys work? You might know the fact that Piano sound is very different from any other instrument, but on the contrary if you have heard its sound on radio you will think that why it’s making noise. The main point to discuss is that piano has basically two kids of
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What About Purchasing a Used Yamaha Piano?

Same like purchasing any used thing, if you want to purchase a used Yamaha piano, it has lot of risk. Only a qualified technician can understand the good and bad of a used piano. An ordinary person cannot guess if the piano has been correctly maintained. We recommend to buy used piano for sale just
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How to Find Serial Number And Made of Yamaha Piano

If you are looking for the serial number of Yamaha Grand Piano just locate the golden colored place that is in the piano. On the Yamaha Vertical piano you can see the serial number stamped on the golden colored plate. You can see the serial number of the Piano if you see inside to the
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Athol’s ‘Piano Kid’ playing for troops in Florida

Although he is not the USO member but Bartlett-Roche who is 15 years old was set to do a concert in Florida for airmen. Bartlett-Roche who is also known as the Boston Piano Kid, played a mix of boogie and blues, originals, classic rock for the service members based there. “To perform this holiday concert,
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Benefits of Piano in Young Age

Did you know that kids whose age is less than seven and start piano, there brain could be turbo charged? According to a study, kids learning the musical instruments may boost their intelligence level. While, those who started piano from the very young age will get more benefit. All these facts were found when a
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Did You Know What is Rhodes Piano?

Did you know what is Rhodes Piano. Rhodes Piano also called Fender Rhodes Piano (or sometimes referred as Fender Rhodes or only Rhodes) had been invented by Harold Rhodes. This is an electric piano that became very famous in 1970s. Just like a regular piano, it makes sound by using keys and hammers. The sound