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Some Characteristics of Baby Grand Piano

The grand piano might be the loved instrument among the professional piano players but the baby grand piano is the most liked piano size that is used nowadays with the piano dealers. If you compare it with its larger brother, baby grand piano can easily be kept in a small space and that’s why people
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Corea started his Career from a Small Upright Piano

Armando Anthony “Chick” musical experience began by the time he first dealt with a piano keyboard when he was only 4 years old. That had been when his mom bought a small upright piano and it was lifted using a crane to their 4th-floor flat in Chelsea. His father, also Armando, was a well-known trumpeter
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A Guide for Steinway Piano Bench Buyers

Steinway and sons are known for making the world most elegant and popular piano in all over the world. They have the tradition of making their position on top for more than 150 years. Besides, Steinway are not making their own piano benches, indeed they have given this contract to Jansen & son to create
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Why it is Necessary to Tune Your Piano Regularly?

Is my piano out of tune? If you don’t know that how important is to tune a piano, let’s give you an example. An orchestras and concert performances the piano tuner check the piano tuning in the 15 minutes break. This is to adjust it and tune the piano for slight adjustments. If pianos go
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Buying a piano can be a grand investment in Dubai

A piano is not only a musical instrument, it can be many things at a time. It is a beautiful decoration piece of furniture and a treasure of dreams and hopes. Before buying a piano for yourself you must thinking of a few things. New or second-hand? According to a short survey of a piano
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5 Tips for Buying a Quality Used Piano in Dubai

Are you looking for a used piano in Dubai and you think it’s a better choice for you. Buying a Quality used piano in Dubai is sometimes not an easy task. Buying a used piano is a clever thing to do than investing a huge money in brand new piano, but you have to note
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To Buy an Upright Piano or a Grand Piano?

You are in Dubai and you might be thinking to buy an upright piano or a grand piano. Here we will discuss that which one is the best choice for you. Some people think that grand piano is the better choice for them because of the few reasons. The first thing is that it looks
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Guidelines for Buying a Second Hand Piano in Dubai

You are in Dubai and want to buy or sell your piano. You might know that used or second hand pianos change different hands every year. Just a small number of pianos are in better condition. If you want to sell your piano you must have to prepare it for selling. But again if you
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To Tune Piano in Dubai – By a Professional or Your Own

What to do if you are a piano user and you need to tune your piano; to tune it by a professional or by yourself? Some of the beginning piano users try to tune their pianos by their own, rather than calling a piano tuning professional. If you are not a professional in piano tuning,
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How to Find out the Significance of Your Piano

Do I need to purchase this piano? After using a piano how much it will return back if you sell it? Like a car, assessing the worth of a piano, is complex. Two cars manufactured in the same year, have different specification. A piano that is restored has some value as compared to one without
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How to Sell Piano in Dubai

You must be thinking about how to sell a used piano in Dubai. Sometimes it becomes very challenging because of the slump that used pianos has fallen its prices due to some changes in piano sales and increase in supply. Moreover, the seller also don’t know is my piano salable or not. Is My Piano
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Looking for Piano Rentals in Dubai

You are planning to arrange a piano for a wedding, gala, party, occasion, anniversary, milestone, birthday, a charity cause, invention or celebration. It might be a bit expensive to buy a piano for a temporary event so you decided to rent a piano in Dubai. There are many piano rental companies in Dubai but you
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Find the Best Piano Movers in Dubai

In this article we will help you to find the best piano movers in Dubai. However, before we explain you need to know that piano moving is not possible by your own; however, if a few strong friends will help you to move it then it might be possible but it is not a risk-free
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Yamaha Launching Museum that Shows its Company’s History

HAMAMATSU Yamaha Corp is giving visitors an opportunity to review on its large history of innovations and challenges, which ranges at least 130 years. The company launched its Innovation track that is a museum, which will have all Yamaha items ranging from beginning till present, for the people that initiated on July 3. The museum
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I Bought a $570 Yamaha Digital Piano

A story of a piano user why he purchased a digital piano: I devoted at least half of my lifetime learning and playing piano. Following a respite of five years, I skipped using, so I bought a digital piano to assist me carry on the challenging and satisfying hobby. An excellent choice for both beginning
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How to Keep your Piano Clean

Cleaning your piano regularly is a best practice to enhance or to increase your piano’s life time. By doing this, it will not only save your money but also your time to call the professional to repair it repeatedly. However, to make your piano clean you will need some specific products and the right method
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What to Look For When Buying a Digital Piano

Nowadays the latest digital pianos have the capability to make sound almost like acoustic instruments. A digital piano can offer the highly realistic sound just like the combination of strings and hammers. Why would I want a digital piano? Sometimes the digital piano is of great value than acoustic pianos and reason behind this is
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Acoustic and Digital Pianos

Should I Buy a Digital Piano or an Upright Piano? What Kind of piano I should buy? An Upright piano or a Digital Piano? Digital Piano sound is not like a real piano while upright Piano takes a lot of space. There are a lot of things we are going to discuss further. We will
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Tips Before Buying Yamaha Upright Piano

Yamaha started in 1887 with making of reed organs in the beginning and started manufacturing in 1900. After all the Yamaha company opened their circle of productions and started manufacturing other daily use products like audio equipment, furniture, guitars, motorcycles, boats, etc. Many pianist advice that take care of the below things while buying a
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Dancing Movements into Music By Yamaha

When you see a best dancer, who is dancing so magically that it seems that the music is being produced by his body. But sometimes this happens in real as well. At a concert at Tokyo in the past November that was happened actually but believe me that wasn’t magic at all. During the concert
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Tips for Buying a Piano

According to an expert’s before buying a piano you must have to take care of these things. 1. Do you like the sound of the instrument? The most important thing is sound of the piano that you are going to buy; it seems like Piano speaks in the response when you play. 2. How much
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How to Control Piano Humadity

Did you know How to control piano humidity and what a piano is made from? It is made from wood, leather, wool and felt. All these materials have the capability to absorb air moisturize. The material tends to absorb more moisturize as the air become more moisturize. The moisture part affects the dimensions and it
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How Piano Keys Work

Did you know how piano keys work? You might know the fact that Piano sound is very different from any other instrument, but on the contrary if you have heard its sound on radio you will think that why it’s making noise. The main point to discuss is that piano has basically two kids of
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What About Purchasing a Used Yamaha Piano?

Same like purchasing any used thing, if you want to purchase a used Yamaha piano, it has lot of risk. Only a qualified technician can understand the good and bad of a used piano. An ordinary person cannot guess if the piano has been correctly maintained. We recommend to buy used piano for sale just
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How to Find Serial Number And Made of Yamaha Piano

If you are looking for the serial number of Yamaha Grand Piano just locate the golden colored place that is in the piano. On the Yamaha Vertical piano you can see the serial number stamped on the golden colored plate. You can see the serial number of the Piano if you see inside to the
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Athol’s ‘Piano Kid’ playing for troops in Florida

Although he is not the USO member but Bartlett-Roche who is 15 years old was set to do a concert in Florida for airmen. Bartlett-Roche who is also known as the Boston Piano Kid, played a mix of boogie and blues, originals, classic rock for the service members based there. “To perform this holiday concert,
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Benefits of Piano in Young Age

Did you know that kids whose age is less than seven and start piano, there brain could be turbo charged? According to a study, kids learning the musical instruments may boost their intelligence level. While, those who started piano from the very young age will get more benefit. All these facts were found when a
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Did You Know What is Rhodes Piano?

Did you know what is Rhodes Piano. Rhodes Piano also called Fender Rhodes Piano (or sometimes referred as Fender Rhodes or only Rhodes) had been invented by Harold Rhodes. This is an electric piano that became very famous in 1970s. Just like a regular piano, it makes sound by using keys and hammers. The sound