Some Characteristics of Baby Grand Piano

Characteristics of Baby Grand Piano

The grand piano might be the loved instrument among the professional piano players but the baby grand piano is the most liked piano size that is used nowadays with the piano dealers. If you compare it with its larger brother, baby grand piano can easily be kept in a small space and that’s why people prefer it.

According to the experts, the sound of the baby grand piano is smaller as compared to the grand piano because of the shorter strings used inside. However, the small grand piano has still a great sound that is enough to entertain make delight the hearts of audiences.

Piano is great piece of furniture that is functional as well as useful. The sound of piano also depends on the string positioning and space for vibration when it is struck. They give a good freedom to vibrate that further gives a very genuine overtones with a good look. Besides, a baby grand piano has stiffer and shorter strings with a good sound quality that gives a pleasant feelings to your room.

You might be looking for some affordable baby grand pianos, just keep in mind to read the fine print carefully as people usually buy it for their kids as it is an excellent present to give to your kid. However, it could be a serious frustration when you unpack the piano and found that you have to kneel down to use it. Usually a baby grand piano is 6 feet in length.

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Corea started his Career from a Small Upright Piano

Corea started his Career from a Small Upright Piano

Armando Anthony “Chick” musical experience began by the time he first dealt with a piano keyboard when he was only 4 years old. That had been when his mom bought a small upright piano and it was lifted using a crane to their 4th-floor flat in Chelsea. His father, also Armando, was a well-known trumpeter in coming-out parties’ weddings and dances. Musician pals were frequent visitors at their home, and his dad’s nicely stacked Art Blakey, Bud Powell, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and Sarah Vaughan.

Young Chick was absorbing and getting music education without knowing it, and once his fingers attached with these ivories, there was a small ripple that transformed into a drive that turned into a passion that now, at the age of 77, yet he feels. Corea will push all of that with him the time when he along with his band existing band, Carlitos Del Puerto on bass, Marcus Gilmore on drums the Vigilette Trio,  — played ten sets of Corea originals and Broadway and jazz standards, more than 5 back-to-back nights at Scullers Jazz Club, that is going to start on Sep 19.

Variety has regularly been a preference of Corea’s means to music. Whilst piano is still his main tool, between studio setup and live shows, he has played trumpet, marimba and drums. His music genre included mainstream, bebop, mainstream jazz, fusion, classical, Latin and avant garde.

He was asked that were you the skilled little child who amazed many people with your playing piano? I used to play around town. When my age was 9 or 8 years, either my uncle or my mother got me a concert at a barroom on the corner of Everett Avenue and Broadway. They’d an upright piano, while my mom would take me there to play. She would sit by the piano to defend me, I used to play for about an hour at night.

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A Guide for Steinway Piano Bench Buyers

Steinway piano benches

Steinway and sons are known for making the world most elegant and popular piano in all over the world. They have the tradition of making their position on top for more than 150 years. Besides, Steinway are not making their own piano benches, indeed they have given this contract to Jansen & son to create benches for their Steinway & sons products. It mean if you are looking for a Steinway piano bench, in fact you will be looking for Jensen piano bench.

The short history of Jensen is that he was a rich piano bench maker in Wisconsin. They have been known as the world top quality benches. They use the best quality maple hardwood and think vinyl of furniture quality. Jensen is famous for their benches which include micro adjustable and heavy duty features.

If you compare the Jansen benches with other benches of American Manufacturers, you will find the Jansen benches more distinctive because of the long lasting behavior like if not for decades then surely for years that is made of heavy duty polyester foam that is also thick and you can keep the piano bench next to your thousand dollars’ worth piano instrument.

Ultimately we can say that Jensen manufactures benches for Steinway as they are their official manufacturers. The best thing that they offer is you will not see anywhere the styles of their piano bench legs. Moreover, Jensen offer different kind of legs styles that includes, XV leg, provincial legs, Steinway imperial legs, etc. This high selection of legs will allow you to match a bench of your choice with your piano and you will not go for the most typical spade or square tapered.

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Why it is Necessary to Tune Your Piano Regularly?

Is my piano out of tune?

If you don’t know that how important is to tune a piano, let’s give you an example. An orchestras and concert performances the piano tuner check the piano tuning in the 15 minutes break. This is to adjust it and tune the piano for slight adjustments. If pianos go out of tune in such small period of time then just imagine how they will be after using for months and even years.

Humidity is one of the main factors to make your piano unstable. In summer season the piano pitch is lowered to A=440, then the soundboard absorbs a lot of humidity and the piano’s pitch becomes very high but on the other day the tuner will decrease its pitch because of high humidity. Thus the piano goes out of tune several times as it was located in the outdoor environment.

Temperature also highly effect the piano. A lot of people heat their floors in their homes. When the soundboard is protected by some means and the soundboard has some anti-humidity system installed then the piano will not go out of tune. However, the soundboard gets effected from the bottom side and it compresses gradually and the pitch goes down below a=440.

Moving a piano has very less effect on the piano tuning. Even if you read the documentations that are even 100 years old, you will find the same statement that piano moving has very less effect on a piano.  

Is my piano at pitch?

Sometimes it seems to you that your piano is tuned properly but it is out of tune as some of the notes might not be working properly. So, your pitch changes with time as your piano is being used, so it needs to be fixed and properly tuned.

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Buying a piano can be a grand investment in Dubai

A piano is not only a musical instrument, it can be many things at a time. It is a beautiful decoration piece of furniture and a treasure of dreams and hopes. Before buying a piano for yourself you must thinking of a few things.

New or second-hand?

According to a short survey of a piano seller Thornton, average family keeps a piano for 10 – 12 years and mostly sell to the shop from whom they purchased it

They experienced that a well maintain piano loses half of its value within the 3 years and later on it retains its value. It means that whatever your budget is you can buy a good second hand piano within your budget.

The shopkeeper Thornton explained that if a piano is 20 years old it is still young. He explained that the newest piano that he has is 15 years old. Moreover, he explained that a normal piano can pass like 100 years or more.  

Where to look for a piano:

You can buy a piano a piano online or from shop but better is to see with your own eyes and check if the piano is ok. If you are not unable to check it properly you can hire a piano tuner or expert for this.

Factors to consider

  • Before buying a piano see to your pocket as well and then decide how much you can afford then you can decide that you need to buy a second hand piano or new.
  • Consider how much space you have in your home. If you have enough space then just go for a large size piano as its sound will be better than the small sized piano.
  • Choose a place without radiators, fires and windows. Piano which is near to any of the above things will become un-tunable and will be contract and expand with humidity and temperature.
  • After you purchased a piano then you have to tune it once in a year. Note that the tuning is required only for acoustic pianos and not for digital pianos.
  • Beware of the underfloor heating as it makes your piano dry.

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5 tips for buying used piano in dubai

Are you looking for a used piano in Dubai and you think it’s a better choice for you.

Buying a Quality used piano in Dubai is sometimes not an easy task. Buying a used piano is a clever thing to do than investing a huge money in brand new piano, but you have to note a few things before buying a used piano in Dubai.

To find a good piano, follow the following tips.

To find a solid piano, consider these tips:

  1. Buy a Used — Not Overused piano​

The major mistake that I ever have seen when people buy an overused piano. Especially when the buyer is not familiar with piano. It usually happens when someone offer them a piano with low price and the customer buy it.

  1. Piano Budget

Decide how much you have to spend to buy a piano. E.g. your budget is AED 15,000. On this budget you can buy a good piano in a best condition from a dealer who deals with used pianos in Dubai UAE.  But if you buy it from an individual, then you must have to spend some money on any used piano. So, in the second case you will have to arrange some extra money for tuning or repairing of the piano.

  1. Where to Buy a Piano

Summer Galyan says that taking cheap piano to your home means taking someone’s problems. Now you have two choices to buy a piano from an individual or from a piano dealer. The dealer will provide you service before delivery. Service before delivery means that your piano will be tuned, cleaned, repaired and inspected for any issue.

  1. Hire a Piano Professional

If you decided to buy a piano from an individual, then obviously you will need some professional help to repair your piano. If you are in Dubai and want to hire professionals to tune your piano, then you are at the right place. provides professional piano services from repairing and tuning to moving.

The piano professional will check your piano for different main things like soundboard, bridges, hammers and tuning pin tightness, etc.

  1. Will the piano be Able to Carry its Worth with Time

Also think if the piano is able to carry its value with time. Suppose you want to upgrade your piano then you will need to sell the existing one. As pianos have long lifetime, so it should maintain its price for some years. The cost of moving your piano or maintenance is considered as ownership’s cost and should not be included when you are calculating your investing and return.

To Buy an Upright Piano or a Grand Piano?

To Buy an Upright Piano or a Grand Piano

You are in Dubai and you might be thinking to buy an upright piano or a grand piano. Here we will discuss that which one is the best choice for you. Some people think that grand piano is the better choice for them because of the few reasons. The first thing is that it looks very attractive, elegant, sleek and shapely. On the appearance and design of the grand piano it takes a lot of effort. In terms of style and design it gives a big boost to your home.

The other thing that a grand piano has, its sound makes acoustics and such a music that travel upwards and covers the room smoothly and as compared to other types of pianos. In grand pianos, the strings

On the other side there are also some bad points of the grand pianos, like budget that is not enough sometimes and also the space that is limited most of the times in Dubai. Due to these reasons most of the people cancel their decision to buy a grand piano and go for an upright piano.

By the comparison of these two types of pianos, we didn’t mean that upright piano is not a good choice. An upright piano still known for creating good sound and less space as compared to grand piano. Moreover, it is also cheaper that grand piano or any other type of piano.

If you cannot afford a grand piano then may be your choice will be to get an upright piano as it has less size, keys and the price is also less than the grand piano but still it has great sound.

Finally, I would like to say that piano is like human body. If it is in better health condition, it can do anything but when it is in bad condition, then the sound quality will not be that good. Make sure you are doing the piano maintenance frequently and it will help to increase your piano’s life time.

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Buying Second hand piano in Dubai

You are in Dubai and want to buy or sell your piano. You might know that used or second hand pianos change different hands every year. Just a small number of pianos are in better condition. If you want to sell your piano you must have to prepare it for selling. But again if you want to buy a used piano in Dubai how can you do it?

First find the best showroom for used pianos for sale in Dubai UAE. And check the following things. Just read the below guidelines.

Sticking keys or hammers

Sometimes because of the bad atmosphere, the keys of your piano becomes very sticky. Check the keys of the piano that you want to buy. After absorbing moisture the keys moment becomes restricted. In case of one or two notes, it is possible to repair it but they are a lot then it’s difficult to manage. However, you will need to repair and dismantle it.

Noisy keys or noise from the action

The keys becomes hard with time, so adjustment is necessary to remove the unnecessary noises but in case of serious damage a repair or rebuild will be necessary.

Hard Tone / Dead Tone

After the hammer felt has been compressed or damaged the tone becomes hard. The hammers that are damaged seriously will not be able to repair and new hammers would be installed. Similarly, If your piano has very dead tone, it is possible because of the damaged hammers and it also means that the piano hammers need replacement as it might have lost the original flexibility.

Out of tune

If the piano is out of tune it means that it hasn’t been tuned for a long time and it needs tuning. It depends how much it has fallen its pitch the tuning will be done according to the situation.


In old pianos sometimes the woodworm has been observed as they attack on the timber. You have to check the small holes and the wood dust. If you find it, it means a woodworm has been attacked on your piano.

Uneven piano keys

Check the keys if they are in perfect condition. The uneven keys with depression or rise indicates that the wooden frame that the keys covers has been damaged. So avoid it.

Pedals not working

As the levers connect pedals to the action, you have to check if the levers are dislodged the pedals will be unable to work.


The casework hasn’t any affect on the piano because the piano’s main function is inside. However, the case indicates that how rough the piano has been used.


Piano tuning Dubai

What to do if you are a piano user and you need to tune your piano; to tune it by a professional or by yourself? Some of the beginning piano users try to tune their pianos by their own, rather than calling a piano tuning professional. If you are not a professional in piano tuning, keep in mind don’t do it by yourself. Many people assume that piano tuning is like a job that can be performed by everyone.

However, if you want to tune your piano by your own you must have to know that there are a lot of risk related to it. E.g. you can damage the strings of your piano, etc. Piano tuning is a very tough process and you have to be very careful in this otherwise your piano may cause a very severe problem. Before starting tuning a piano you need to have a lever or hammer, tuning mates and several rubber tuning mutes. There are also many other tools available but these tools will be enough to tune your piano effectively.

To make your piano tuned, it could be a little tricky but it will take time to learn. Everyone can learn tuning a piano but as discussed it is not safe to tune your piano if you are not a piano technician or professional tuner. provides professional piano tuning services in Dubai. Tuning your piano with quality service is our first priority and we will continue our job unless we get satisfied from the results. Visit our website and see our other piano professional services that you might need for your piano; e.g. moving your piano, repairing, or to buy used painos etc. Just visit and keep in touch with us.

How to Find out the Significance of Your Piano

How to find out significance of your piano

Do I need to purchase this piano? After using a piano how much it will return back if you sell it?

Like a car, assessing the worth of a piano, is complex. Two cars manufactured in the same year, have different specification. A piano that is restored has some value as compared to one without repair and recovery.

Similarly, two nearly identical looking pianos might have very different values based on their condition, age, and manufacturer.

But, in the case of pianos it’s even more difficult to assess the value than automobiles.

If you look at the cars, you will find that most of the cars have been made in the past 60 years. However, if you talk about the pianos, then the range touches upto more than 200 years+. Still there are some pianos that are more than 70 years old.

Probably you have heard the name of Steinway as it’s very famous. They are making high quality pianos from a long time and almost every year is good for them. But the thing is without enough knowledge of pianos you can’t do anything.

Same like when you buy a car, you kick the tyres and would listen to the engine and would do some test drive. Here are some tests that you can do on pianos as well.

  1. Check the Keys

Check Piano Keys -

Beginning with the first key and ascending to the final key observe the following.

Begin from the first key and go towards the final key.

Also note that is it takes the same effort or exertion while playing each and every key. If the result is uneven then it mean the piano has some mechanical issues.

  1. Check thestrings, Pins, and Soundboard.

The lifetime of your piano will be less if the strings and pends are dusty and you can see it under the lid. It will also need a full restringing if a string is missing or have been replaced.

Also check if the soundboard is cracked it is located below the string while it amplifies and resonates sound that is coming from the strings. It means that the soundboard has been repaired if you see a lot of cracks in the soundboard.

  1. Look at its Finish

Check if the finish is original. You will find a lot of pianos that are poorly refinished. Mostly the scratches, dents and cracks are repairable but the major damage might not be repairable, so in case of major damage you can say that the piano has been dropped or abused.

  1. Know the Age and BrandAge of a piano by serial number

Also see the branch and age of the piano. There are different sites that can show you the age of a piano from its serial number.

  1. Consult an Expert

Before spending any amount of money on your piano, take the help of your nearest piano tuner. are the experts for piano tuning, moving and selling pianos in Dubai. If you need any help in all the mentioned things, you can visit our website.