5 Tips for Buying a Quality Used Piano in Dubai

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5 tips for buying used piano in dubai

Are you looking for a used piano in Dubai and you think it’s a better choice for you.

Buying a Quality used piano in Dubai is sometimes not an easy task. Buying a used piano is a clever thing to do than investing a huge money in brand new piano, but you have to note a few things before buying a used piano in Dubai.

To find a good piano, follow the following tips.

To find a solid piano, consider these tips:

  1. Buy a Used — Not Overused piano​

The major mistake that I ever have seen when people buy an overused piano. Especially when the buyer is not familiar with piano. It usually happens when someone offer them a piano with low price and the customer buy it.

  1. Piano Budget

Decide how much you have to spend to buy a piano. E.g. your budget is AED 15,000. On this budget you can buy a good piano in a best condition from a dealer who deals with used pianos in Dubai UAE.  But if you buy it from an individual, then you must have to spend some money on any used piano. So, in the second case you will have to arrange some extra money for tuning or repairing of the piano.

  1. Where to Buy a Piano

Summer Galyan says that taking cheap piano to your home means taking someone’s problems. Now you have two choices to buy a piano from an individual or from a piano dealer. The dealer will provide you service before delivery. Service before delivery means that your piano will be tuned, cleaned, repaired and inspected for any issue.

  1. Hire a Piano Professional

If you decided to buy a piano from an individual, then obviously you will need some professional help to repair your piano. If you are in Dubai and want to hire professionals to tune your piano, then you are at the right place. Usedpiano.ae provides professional piano services from repairing and tuning to moving.

The piano professional will check your piano for different main things like soundboard, bridges, hammers and tuning pin tightness, etc.

  1. Will the piano be Able to Carry its Worth with Time

Also think if the piano is able to carry its value with time. Suppose you want to upgrade your piano then you will need to sell the existing one. As pianos have long lifetime, so it should maintain its price for some years. The cost of moving your piano or maintenance is considered as ownership’s cost and should not be included when you are calculating your investing and return.