How Often Should a Piano Be Tuned?

The customers usually ask this question that how often should a piano be tuned? Actually tuning your piano depends on the use of your piano. If we talk about the recording studios where the accuracy in pitch is necessary continuously, in that case you need to need the piano regularly or every day or may be several times a day. The piano is tuned before each rehearsal in the concert halls or other performance circumstances. Sometimes in these kind of rehearsals or events the piano is tuned during the interval or intermission.

The piano that is used in homes also needs several tuning maintenance per year as the piano constantly goes out of tune. However, the frequency of the piano also depends on the budget of the piano owner, the tolerance of the piano’s owner that how early he wants to change the pitch of his/her piano, the temperature’s condition, room’s humidity, and how much expert is tuner is to tune your piano previously. According to a survey 3 to 4 times is enough in one year for a home piano to be tuned. For professional piano users may be the number of tuning will be 6 to 7 times yearly.

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Why My Piano Goes Out of Tune

A lot of people ask that why my piano goes out of tune. There might be many reasons but the most common is environmental change. A piano is manufactured by steel, wood and some cast iron. If you check your grand piano and lift the lid, you can see inside the strings that are made by steel. The strings are further linked to a cast iron plate and below the strings there is sound board that is the main source for a lot of problems.

If you see the soundboard clearly you will see that soundboard is crowned; that means it is lower in the edges and higher in the middle. If you check in the grand piano you will see some long strings crossing the long piece of wood also called sound board. Just like violin, the strings of piano also go on the bridge. The bridge converts the strings’ vibration created by the hammer towards that soundboard that also amplifies the strings’ vibration. This is all the process how your piano makes sound.

You will know that pianos usually absorbs humidity. When it is a very humid day your piano may absorb humidity and thus the soundboard may expand. As the soundboard is restricted by the piano’s sides that’s why it doesn’t expand outwards.

Due to a lot of humidity when the soundboard expands, at the same time it pushes the bridge and the strings. The strings are already tight and when they are pressed, the tension increases and thus the pitch increases. In that case you will need a professional piano tuner to fix it.

The increase in humidity level is directly proportional to issues in the soundboard. Still, there are some latest pianos that are not much affected by environmental change. Keep in mind that the piano goes out of tune constantly even if the change in humidity is equal to 5%.

Besides, there could also be some structure problems that tends your piano to go out of tune quickly. However, if you need piano tuning in Dubai, just visit and explain us your issue. One of our piano tuner will be on your door to tune your piano.

How to Take Care of Your Piano

how to take care of piano

In this article we have explain how to take care of your piano.

Put your piano in a suitable place:

Pianos are mostly made by irons, wood, steel wires and glue. High temperatures and humidity may harm your piano as some parts of your piano may shrink and swell and in some cases soundboard may crack and glue joints may fail. To get rid of these damages, always keep your piano in a room with same temperature and humidity level. The ideal temperature for piano is around 70 Fahrenheit and the best humidity level for piano is 50%.

Cover the keys when not in use:

When you are not using your piano. Cover the keys to prevent dust or your pet’s hair from going inside between the keys. If you have got the piano with a cover, try to use it regularly otherwise you can buy for it.

Keep liquids at a distance:

To get rid of severe internal damage to your piano, keep the drinking liquids away from your piano. Do not use your piano as a table or surface for drinking or eating.

Play your piano:

When you are using your piano regularly, the parts will move and thus it will prevent you from servicing your piano again and again. Try to play it one time minimum in a week.

Cleaning Dust:

After a few days try to clean your piano with damp cloth and mild soap. Clean the external parts or finishing of your piano but avoid those liquids that contain chemicals. Avoid cleaning dusting your piano inside and leave this to a professional piano technician.

Find a piano technician:

To care your inner parts of your piano always rely on a professional. You can find a piano technician by asking from your friends or online.

Tune the piano regularly:

A technician knows how to deal with your piano. Moreover, inside your piano there are 200+ strings, so your piano tuning also depends on how often you play it. Normally people tune their piano twice a year.


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piano tuning in dubai

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What are the advantages of tuning you piano?
Piano tuning not only make your piano’s sound better, it will also keep your piano in perfect condition for the reasons to make it playable for lots of years ahead. Pianos are prepared using organic materials (usually metal and wood) which can be very sensitive to to environmental variations in temperature and humidity. These factors can result a piano to get out-of-tune quickly, and if remained un-serviced, can result a piano come to be useless.
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What sort of repairs do we do?
We can fix almost any kind repair that your piano may have. We provide all solutions and services related to piano such as parts replacing, repair, tuning, etc.

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What Makes the High End Pianos Distinctive

Those who have ever visited to a showroom full of wonderfully designed, prestige and high quality pianos understands that the experience can be both significant and unnerving — impressive for some reasons, because of the surprising costs of these products — ranging from $50,000 upto $150,000 or may be more. In some cases, new buyers inquire whether the pricing are relevant — or are only because of the smart marketing of popular brand names. In this post, I explain what are the things that differentiate high-end pianos from cheaper ones that may possibly look same or identical, and what is the reason that the increasing price is actually justified. This conversation should be assumed general overall, nevertheless; actual variations also depend on the particular models and brands reviewed, and the variations in their costs.

However, below the few key elements that can make a piano distinctive among all other pianos.

The Definition of Quality:

A piano might have unexceptional tonal design but the material quality will be good that make it distinctive or separated from other pianos.

Tonal Quality:

A piano with a good singing tone gives the pianist more scope in creating musically significant performances and this characteristic of a piano makes it special from other pianos without this quality. e.g. sugar pine, spruce, hard rock, beech, maple, ebony, poplar, rosewood and hornbeam type of wood is used in these type of high end pianos.

Service and Maintenance:

The high end pianos maintenance is easy as compared to other less costly pianos.


The material used in high end pianos is also costly that makes it quite unique as compared to other pianos.

Design and Construction:

To get the improved performance, look, or long life, high-end piano manufacturers are more inclined to make their instruments distinctive or uncommon like other pianos.

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Characteristics of Baby Grand Piano

The grand piano might be the loved instrument among the professional piano players but the baby grand piano is the most liked piano size that is used nowadays with the piano dealers. If you compare it with its larger brother, baby grand piano can easily be kept in a small space and that’s why people prefer it.

According to the experts, the sound of the baby grand piano is smaller as compared to the grand piano because of the shorter strings used inside. However, the small grand piano has still a great sound that is enough to entertain make delight the hearts of audiences.

Piano is great piece of furniture that is functional as well as useful. The sound of piano also depends on the string positioning and space for vibration when it is struck. They give a good freedom to vibrate that further gives a very genuine overtones with a good look. Besides, a baby grand piano has stiffer and shorter strings with a good sound quality that gives a pleasant feelings to your room.

You might be looking for some affordable baby grand pianos, just keep in mind to read the fine print carefully as people usually buy it for their kids as it is an excellent present to give to your kid. However, it could be a serious frustration when you unpack the piano and found that you have to kneel down to use it. Usually a baby grand piano is 6 feet in length.

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Corea started his Career from a Small Upright Piano

Armando Anthony “Chick” musical experience began by the time he first dealt with a piano keyboard when he was only 4 years old. That had been when his mom bought a small upright piano and it was lifted using a crane to their 4th-floor flat in Chelsea. His father, also Armando, was a well-known trumpeter in coming-out parties’ weddings and dances. Musician pals were frequent visitors at their home, and his dad’s nicely stacked Art Blakey, Bud Powell, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and Sarah Vaughan.

Young Chick was absorbing and getting music education without knowing it, and once his fingers attached with these ivories, there was a small ripple that transformed into a drive that turned into a passion that now, at the age of 77, yet he feels. Corea will push all of that with him the time when he along with his band existing band, Carlitos Del Puerto on bass, Marcus Gilmore on drums the Vigilette Trio,  — played ten sets of Corea originals and Broadway and jazz standards, more than 5 back-to-back nights at Scullers Jazz Club, that is going to start on Sep 19.

Variety has regularly been a preference of Corea’s means to music. Whilst piano is still his main tool, between studio setup and live shows, he has played trumpet, marimba and drums. His music genre included mainstream, bebop, mainstream jazz, fusion, classical, Latin and avant garde.

He was asked that were you the skilled little child who amazed many people with your playing piano? I used to play around town. When my age was 9 or 8 years, either my uncle or my mother got me a concert at a barroom on the corner of Everett Avenue and Broadway. They’d an upright piano, while my mom would take me there to play. She would sit by the piano to defend me, I used to play for about an hour at night.

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Steinway piano benches

Steinway and sons are known for making the world most elegant and popular piano in all over the world. They have the tradition of making their position on top for more than 150 years. Besides, Steinway are not making their own piano benches, indeed they have given this contract to Jansen & son to create benches for their Steinway & sons products. It mean if you are looking for a Steinway piano bench, in fact you will be looking for Jensen piano bench.

The short history of Jensen is that he was a rich piano bench maker in Wisconsin. They have been known as the world top quality benches. They use the best quality maple hardwood and think vinyl of furniture quality. Jensen is famous for their benches which include micro adjustable and heavy duty features.

If you compare the Jansen benches with other benches of American Manufacturers, you will find the Jansen benches more distinctive because of the long lasting behavior like if not for decades then surely for years that is made of heavy duty polyester foam that is also thick and you can keep the piano bench next to your thousand dollars’ worth piano instrument.

Ultimately we can say that Jensen manufactures benches for Steinway as they are their official manufacturers. The best thing that they offer is you will not see anywhere the styles of their piano bench legs. Moreover, Jensen offer different kind of legs styles that includes, XV leg, provincial legs, Steinway imperial legs, etc. This high selection of legs will allow you to match a bench of your choice with your piano and you will not go for the most typical spade or square tapered.

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Why it is Necessary to Tune Your Piano Regularly?

Is my piano out of tune?

If you don’t know that how important is to tune a piano, let’s give you an example. An orchestras and concert performances the piano tuner check the piano tuning in the 15 minutes break. This is to adjust it and tune the piano for slight adjustments. If pianos go out of tune in such small period of time then just imagine how they will be after using for months and even years.

Humidity is one of the main factors to make your piano unstable. In summer season the piano pitch is lowered to A=440, then the soundboard absorbs a lot of humidity and the piano’s pitch becomes very high but on the other day the tuner will decrease its pitch because of high humidity. Thus the piano goes out of tune several times as it was located in the outdoor environment.

Temperature also highly effect the piano. A lot of people heat their floors in their homes. When the soundboard is protected by some means and the soundboard has some anti-humidity system installed then the piano will not go out of tune. However, the soundboard gets effected from the bottom side and it compresses gradually and the pitch goes down below a=440.

Moving a piano has very less effect on the piano tuning. Even if you read the documentations that are even 100 years old, you will find the same statement that piano moving has very less effect on a piano.  

Is my piano at pitch?

Sometimes it seems to you that your piano is tuned properly but it is out of tune as some of the notes might not be working properly. So, your pitch changes with time as your piano is being used, so it needs to be fixed and properly tuned.

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