The Yamaha P115 digital piano

A story of a piano user why he purchased a digital piano:

I devoted at least half of my lifetime learning and playing piano. Following a respite of five years, I skipped using, so I bought a digital piano to assist me carry on the challenging and satisfying hobby.
An excellent choice for both beginning and advanced pianists is the Yamaha P115 . It’s pretty portable, has good keys to replicate the feeling of a genuine piano, and seems great.

While perhaps it will seem like a expensive investment, particularly when hourly rehearsal room renting is an option with $100 keyboards, it’s totally worth it in case you are serious regarding using piano and you are unable to purchase a grand or upright piano for whatever causes.

I began piano classes when i got five years old and carried on performing and playing before I went to college. The time of around 10 years of exercise was not always filled with sunshine and rainbows. There was a time when using piano seemed like a duty rather than a pleasant activity, but when I think about that time, I’m considerably grateful that I gave the time for learning the piano.

After 5 years without having committed playing the piano, I noticed I ignored it and was eager to begin again. I found myself itching to spend time to an emotionally exciting and satisfying art form once again,, however I first had to understand how to carry out. I used a lot of time discussing whether to reserve a small exercise place, which normally has a bench and upright piano, or to purchase my personal piano.

Given the possibility that I won’t be residing in my existing apartment permanently, my current situation of picket and the small size of my current apartment didn’t allow me to purchase a real piano and that’s the reason I decided to buy a digital piano.

With my years of experience, I didn’t want to buy a cheap digital piano that’s why I tried to purchase Yamaha P115 88-Key Digital Piano. The piano price is $570, but if you invest an extra $30 you will get pedal, bench, headphone that’s why i purchased since I needed these accessories.


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how to clean piano

Cleaning your piano regularly is a best practice to enhance or to increase your piano’s life time. By doing this, it will not only save your money but also your time to call the professional to repair it repeatedly. However, to make your piano clean you will need some specific products and the right method to use that products to get rid of scratches.

The tools needed

To clean your piano you will need the following list of tools.

  • A clean and soft cloth.
  • Duster (feather)
  • Detergent dish liquid for cleaning

How to keep your piano clean

The first step you have to clean your piano keys is to dusting them. If there is dust, it may enter in your soundboard and can damage your piano. The feather duster is used in this situation and it can clean the piano keys. However, this process should be done gently to get rid of scratches. Dusting your piano should be done frequently to forbid dust from entering your piano entire parts.

Cleaning plastic keys

To clean the plastic keys, you will need some cleaning solution. Take some water in a bowl and mix some cleaning solution in it. Now mix it and take the clean cloth and put it in the mixture. Now squeeze water from the dipped cloth and wipe the keys gently. Keep cleaning it with front-to-back mition till cleaning solution completely removed from the keys.

Now clean the plastic keys using a dry clean cloth. Continue the process until you realize some shining effect in the plastic keys.

Cleaning ivory keys

You will need to clean the ivory keys if your piano has. Get a clean damp cloth and sprinkle some water on the ivory keys and gently clean it with front-back motion. Do not clean all the ivory keys at once. Try to clean them one by one to clean the dirt perfectly.

Clean the casework

Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior of your piano and then use a dry cloth to make it dry. To avoid scratches clean it very gently. Use a cloth that is very soft like cotton or microfiber. Make sure the cloth is just a small damp and not wet.

Polish your piano

Polishing your piano if necessary; if you want to polish your piano, apply a small quantity of polish onto a clean cloth and apply gently on the place where you want to apply on. After this gently rub the specific area with a clean cloth to remove the extra polish.

Clean the soundboard

If you are inexperienced in cleaning the interior of the piano, just avoid this part. However, to clean it, first of all blow away the dust from that specific part. The cleaning can be done by using a compressed air nozzle or vacuum in a very careful manner to keep the interior safe. Avoid touching the strings and blow all the dust in a place from where you can easily clean it. However, if you do not have experience with this, then call to a professional to do so.

Tips for keeping your piano clean

Always wash your hands before touching or playing your piano. The more quickly your paino will get dirty if you touch it with dirty hands.

Keep your piano away from very hot or very cold environment. Moreover, the sunlight may also damage your piano.

Keep your easting stuffs away from piano.

Close your led when the piano is not in used.

To clean the piano don’t use colored cloth. Use the clean white cloth instead.



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What to Look For When Buying a Digital Piano

Nowadays the latest digital pianos have the capability to make sound almost like acoustic instruments. A digital piano can offer the highly realistic sound just like the combination of strings and hammers.

Why would I want a digital piano?

Sometimes the digital piano is of great value than acoustic pianos and reason behind this is the price, the place that it occupies etc.  As you see the starting price of the digital piano is from  £315 that is quite affordable.

The other thing is they are easily portable and can take anywhere as the maximum weight is 50 kg, while tan acoustic piano weight is minim upto AED 200 KG. You can also disassemble the pats of a digital piano and can keep fit your car as well.

Tuning is not an issue as it totally relies on the recorded samples’ playback. Moreover, it needs to tune only once an year.

It can be played while putting the headphone in; it means it can be played with any volume without any voice and this is good for home level practicing environment.

What to See in a Piano Before Buying

If you want some realistic feel of the piano, it must be weighted. As the real piano’s weight is approximately 200 kg.

Should be accordingly the user’s needs and the control panel should be full understandable.

For more realistic experience choose the pianos with pedals available and stool.



Acoustic vs Digital Piano

Should I Buy a Digital Piano or an Upright Piano?

What Kind of piano I should buy? An Upright piano or a Digital Piano?

Digital Piano sound is not like a real piano while upright Piano takes a lot of space. There are a lot of things we are going to discuss further. We will discus here and will give you an advice then you have your own discussion if want to go for a digital piano or upright piano.


Advantages of Digital Pianos:

  • You can make use of headphone so only you can hear the sound.
  • You can adjust the volume down and up.
  • The sound that you play can be recorded on a disk digitally.
  • You can play a lot of others sounds.
  • As their weight is very light so they an be moved easily from one place to other.
  • Your digital pianos will save a lot of time for you in terms of repairing and maintenance.
  • You can play songs from internet and then play on your instrument.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • Digital Pianos take less space as compared to acoustic pianos.


Disadvantages of Digital Pianos:

  • The value of your digital piano degrades very quickly.
  • As new model are introducing every year so it makes your piano harder to sale and degrades the value of your piano.
  • As the piano is electrical, that’s why it doesn’t have a realistic sound although a lot of improvements have been done.
  • The key balance isn’t perfect and its touch is a bit lighter.
  • Digital Piano is made from plastic and its appearance is not that much appealing. Moreover, it can be easily damaged if moved.
  • The outer cover of the piano is very expensive and difficult to repair.
  • If any mechanical faults come in the digital pianos, then they are very expensive to repair.
  • Digital Pianos warranty is between 1 to 3 years.


Advantages of Upright Pianos

  • Upright pianos hold its value for a long time and normally its value increases with time.
  • The piano produces a natural sound by hammer that strikes with string and the amplification is done by the soundboard.
  • The piano is strong as it is made by MDF or wood.
  • If the outer casing of the piano is damaged, it can be easily repaired.
  • If there is a problem in the piano, it can be easily fixed by a piano tuner, very cheaply and quickly.
  • You will feel the real, rich and natural sound of the piano and will enjoy playing the music.
  • With Acoustic piano you can get a long warranty from 5 to 10 years.


Disadvantages of Upright Pianos

  • As the upright piano is extremely heavy so it is impossible to carry it without the help of professional movers.
  • You cannot turn on or turn down the music and it depends on the play that how you control it.
  • A good piano is very expensive.
  • Upright Pianos take a lot of space particularly the upright and grand pianos.
  • Because of extremely heavy weight they can make a mark on your flood even if you try to move it a slight.



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8 tips while buying yamaha upright piano

Yamaha started in 1887 with making of reed organs in the beginning and started manufacturing in 1900. After all the Yamaha company opened their circle of productions and started manufacturing other daily use products like audio equipment, furniture, guitars, motorcycles, boats, etc.

Many pianist advice that take care of the below things while buying a Yamaha upright piano.


To spend your money on right place while buy a piano, try to buy a Japanese re-serviced piano. These pianos are like brand new in terms of condition and sound. Most of them have company warranty.


Before buying a piano Select the size that is suitable for you for all the times like from learning piano to become a professional. So in that case you will not have to change it or replace it.



Buying a piano from trusted ones who have good reputation in the market and have remained in the market as piano dealers for years. Warranty on the piano means it protects your investment. So try to buy only from a trusted dealer wherever you are in the world.


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Artificial intelligence Piano convert music movements -

When you see a best dancer, who is dancing so magically that it seems that the music is being produced by his body. But sometimes this happens in real as well. At a concert at Tokyo in the past November that was happened actually but believe me that wasn’t magic at all.

During the concert the most famous dancer Kaiji Moriyama represented the artificial intelligence system which main function is to convert the movement of dance in Piano music. The system was developed by Yamaha that can detect the body motions, converts in musical form and eventually sends the info to Yamaha Disklavier piano player.


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Tips for Buying a Piano

According to an expert’s before buying a piano you must have to take care of these things.
1. Do you like the sound of the instrument?
The most important thing is sound of the piano that you are going to buy; it seems like Piano speaks in the response when you play.

2. How much space do you have?
If you are living in Dubai, then you must have to note the size of your space and space occupied by piano. Piano is like your normal furniture, so you must have to consider space before you buy it. Before, people used to allocate a separated room for piano.
That’s not what we meant by a ‘baby grand’…

3. Who will be playing it?
Another important thing is who will play it. If you are the one who will play it, for this you must have to learn how to play a piano. So the important thing is to take proper piano classes.

4. Will it be in the family for generations?
If you are buying a piano just for enjoyment and not as a professional then it might stay with your family for generations. But if you are a professional and your pocket allows you then you must have to invest in a latest model.

5. What’s your budget?
You can get a piano ranging from $1000 to $500,000. If your pocket doesn’t allow you to go for an expensive piano, then you must have to buy an upright or baby grand piano.

8. Look out for Used Pianos in Market
If you want to get a piano that is very expensive but you can’t buy a new one then go for the used pianos. If you are looking for used pianos in Dubai, then go only for trusted piano sellers who can give you guaranty for what they sell.

How to Control Piano Humadity

Control Piano Humadity -

Did you know How to control piano humidity and what a piano is made from? It is made from wood, leather, wool and felt. All these materials have the capability to absorb air moisturize. The material tends to absorb more moisturize as the air become more moisturize. The moisture part affects the dimensions and it is done especially in the soundboard which is around 3/8-inch-thick have crowned or bowed shape. In opposite of the soundboard there is block of wood that is also referred as bridge. The soundboard moisture increases as the humidity in the air increase and it causes the damage of wood. Later, it can cause the keys to sluggish and stick. As the wood dimension changes again and again, it can cause a piano to damage eventually. The soundboard will be cracked, and the glue joints will be separated.

The damp chaser piano is a very useful device in this concern. It will provide protection and tuning to your grand piano or upright piano soundboard.

Eventually, we can say that if you are dealing with wood-based products in humid and hot climate, the necessary thing is to keep the whole room in your consideration to keep it away from humidity.

Therefore, to get rid of humanity you can opt for a heater or dump chaser but keep in mind that to avoid the extreme use of AC unit or dehumidifier or a humidifier and make sure that your humidifier shows the correct information. Keeping the above things in your consideration will make it sure to control your piano from humidity.


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How Piano Keys Work

How Piano keys work

Did you know how piano keys work? You might know the fact that Piano sound is very different from any other instrument, but on the contrary if you have heard its sound on radio you will think that why it’s making noise. The main point to discuss is that piano has basically two kids of instruments. The one is string-instrument as these strings cause to make the sound, but at the same time it’s also behaving like a percussion instrument or a drum; and the sound is created when it is being hit by something. If you hear the music of a Bartok who is a composer you will realize that it is being played percussive.

Whenever you press a key of piano what things occurs I will explain you one by one. Its key is a long wooden lever; this is also like a seesaw, but one end is much long than the other one. When one key is pressed the second end of the key goes up in the air and force the small hammer to press in the contradiction of the strings that makes a musical note. Behind the hammer there is another part call damper that is also forced in the air. After you release the key the damper and hammer fall back. The damper then stops its vibrating and the note is being brought to the end.


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used pianos dubai - Yamaha Piano -

Same like purchasing any used thing, if you want to purchase a used Yamaha piano, it has lot of risk. Only a qualified technician can understand the good and bad of a used piano. An ordinary person cannot guess if the piano has been correctly maintained. We recommend to buy used piano for sale just from a well-known and trusted piano dealer.

The main issue in the piano is the dryness. This problem raised in some of the Yamaha pianos in 1960s. This is discovered that as compared to Japan, the indoor environment is dryer in America.

After this research Yamaha to develop some computer-controlled kilns, and some other manufacturing methods that made these pianos to be completely seasoned and reliable homes in America. That is the reason Yamaha are known as long lasting pianos as because of this investment.

Most of the used pianos that are used in America nowadays are those Pianos that had been manufactured for Japanese use. Most of these pianos have been manufactured without caring of the seasoning techniques.

The point is that the pianos that are not seasoned for the US market, so it is really not recommended to buy those pianos from the gray market of pianos.

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