How to find serial number of yamaha piano

If you are looking for the serial number of Yamaha Grand Piano just locate the golden colored place that is in the piano.

On the Yamaha Vertical piano you can see the serial number stamped on the golden colored plate. You can see the serial number of the Piano if you see inside to the toppled of the Piano.

Yamaha Pianos for US Market are being manufactured in 6 Locations

  • Thomaston, Georgia
  • South Haven, Michigan
  • Jakarta, Indonesia,
  • Hamamatsu, Japan,
  • Taiyuan, Taiwan
  • Hangzhou, China

You can see six types of serial numbers on Yamaha pianos.

If the SN stars from “T”, it means the Piano is made in Thomaston, Georgia.

If the SN stars from “U”, it means the Piano is made in South Haven, Michigan.

If the SN stars from “H”, it means the Piano is made in Hangzhou, China.

If the SN stars from “YT”, it means the Piano is made Taiyuan, Taiwan

If the SN stars from “J”, it means the Piano is made in Jakarta, Indonesia.

If the SN stars from “T”, it means that the Piano is made in Thomaston, Georgia.

If your Grand Piano is a DGA1E, GA1E, DGB1, GB1k, GB1 or DGB1K then the piano is made in Jakarta, Indonesia.

If none of them is written on the Piano, then it means that the Piano is made in Hamamatsu, Japan.

Athol’s ‘Piano Kid’ playing for troops in Florida Bradley Bartlett-Roche - Melodica Music Center News/Blog

Although he is not the USO member but Bartlett-Roche who is 15 years old was set to do a concert in Florida for airmen.

Bartlett-Roche who is also known as the Boston Piano Kid, played a mix of boogie and blues, originals, classic rock for the service members based there.

“To perform this holiday concert, it is a big honor for me to perform this holiday concert for our women and servicemen; he stated in his email. This year, his brother Nick was selected in the air force and it suits lot to take the opportunity to perform here. I really feel great to give my time and talents to support our troops.”

Bartlett-Roche is not new to perform something in the front of audience. When he was only 11, he had performed in Faneuil Hall and had released his CV. In 2016, August he performed at Fenway Park with Billy Joel and this year October, he performed a television show which was hosted by Harry Connick Jr.

He also completed a five-week summer problem in 2016 in Boston at Berklee College of Music. At Berklee, Bartlett-Roche learnt tenor saxophone and piano and he was selected at the solo keyboardist for the Berklee College of Music.


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Benefits of Piano in Young Age

Benefits of Piano in Young Age -

Did you know that kids whose age is less than seven and start piano, there brain could be turbo charged? According to a study, kids learning the musical instruments may boost their intelligence level. While, those who started piano from the very young age will get more benefit. All these facts were found when a research was done by a Chinese researcher.

An experiment was done on some children with piano practice for one year. Those who have started in the younger age, there intelligence level and time management skills proved stronger than who started in the old age.

Some researchers from Beijing Normal University proved that some regions of brain that are impacted by music are quickly developed. The research showed that for adults who haven’t played music in their life, Piano lessons aren’t wasted for them.

Another research showed that adults who have spent more time in practicing the musical instruments, their brain will more quickly response to sound. The fast processing of music makes it easier for one to make a conversation in the noise, or to hear more clearly while talking on phone,

Other studies show that those who learn musical instruments can boost their IQ level and it makes easier for them to pick new languages and to understand the feelings and emotions of others.

As lots of benefits have been discussed for learning the Pianos, still the other benefit to discuss is that folks who enjoy learning music get biggest benefits.

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rhodes piano - used piano

Did you know what is Rhodes Piano. Rhodes Piano also called Fender Rhodes Piano (or sometimes referred as Fender Rhodes or only Rhodes) had been invented by Harold Rhodes. This is an electric piano that became very famous in 1970s. Just like a regular piano, it makes sound by using keys and hammers. The sound is them amplified with the electromagnetic pickup which is further plugged in into an external speaker and keyboard amplifier.

The instrument invented by Rhodes to teach recuperating soldiers through World War II having a limited budget. However, the development continued till 1940s and 1950s. Fender involved in the marketing of the Piano Bass, which was a minimized version of the Piano, but they didn’t appear the full-size version until it was sold to CBS, 1965. CBS supervised the production of “Rhodes Piano” and it was used widely and for long time, especially in pop, jazz and soul music. In the mid of 1980s, the Piano fell out of fashion for some time because of appearance of the polyphonic and some digital stuffs, especially the Yamaha Dx7. However, the company was taken by Roland and they started manufacturing digital version of the Rhodes without any approval from the real inventor of the Piano.

Eventually in 1990s, it became popular again and it resulted the Rhodes getting back the rights of the Piano in 1997. Harold Died in 2000 but the instruments was issued again and his teaching methods are still under-use.


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Yamaha U3 M Dubai -

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