I Bought a $570 Yamaha Digital Piano

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The Yamaha P115 digital piano

A story of a piano user why he purchased a digital piano:

I devoted at least half of my lifetime learning and playing piano. Following a respite of five years, I skipped using, so I bought a digital piano to assist me carry on the challenging and satisfying hobby.
An excellent choice for both beginning and advanced pianists is the Yamaha P115 . It’s pretty portable, has good keys to replicate the feeling of a genuine piano, and seems great.

While perhaps it will seem like a expensive investment, particularly when hourly rehearsal room renting is an option with $100 keyboards, it’s totally worth it in case you are serious regarding using piano and you are unable to purchase a grand or upright piano for whatever causes.

I began piano classes when i got five years old and carried on performing and playing before I went to college. The time of around 10 years of exercise was not always filled with sunshine and rainbows. There was a time when using piano seemed like a duty rather than a pleasant activity, but when I think about that time, I’m considerably grateful that I gave the time for learning the piano.

After 5 years without having committed playing the piano, I noticed I ignored it and was eager to begin again. I found myself itching to spend time to an emotionally exciting and satisfying art form once again,, however I first had to understand how to carry out. I used a lot of time discussing whether to reserve a small exercise place, which normally has a bench and upright piano, or to purchase my personal piano.

Given the possibility that I won’t be residing in my existing apartment permanently, my current situation of picket and the small size of my current apartment didn’t allow me to purchase a real piano and that’s the reason I decided to buy a digital piano.

With my years of experience, I didn’t want to buy a cheap digital piano that’s why I tried to purchase Yamaha P115 88-Key Digital Piano. The piano price is $570, but if you invest an extra $30 you will get pedal, bench, headphone that’s why i purchased since I needed these accessories.


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