Buying a piano can be a grand investment in Dubai

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Buying a piano can be a grand investment in Dubai

A piano is not only a musical instrument, it can be many things at a time. It is a beautiful decoration piece of furniture and a treasure of dreams and hopes. Before buying a piano for yourself you must thinking of a few things.

New or second-hand?

According to a short survey of a piano seller Thornton, average family keeps a piano for 10 – 12 years and mostly sell to the shop from whom they purchased it

They experienced that a well maintain piano loses half of its value within the 3 years and later on it retains its value. It means that whatever your budget is you can buy a good second hand piano within your budget.

The shopkeeper Thornton explained that if a piano is 20 years old it is still young. He explained that the newest piano that he has is 15 years old. Moreover, he explained that a normal piano can pass like 100 years or more.  

Where to look for a piano:

You can buy a piano a piano online or from shop but better is to see with your own eyes and check if the piano is ok. If you are not unable to check it properly you can hire a piano tuner or expert for this.

Factors to consider

  • Before buying a piano see to your pocket as well and then decide how much you can afford then you can decide that you need to buy a second hand piano or new.
  • Consider how much space you have in your home. If you have enough space then just go for a large size piano as its sound will be better than the small sized piano.
  • Choose a place without radiators, fires and windows. Piano which is near to any of the above things will become un-tunable and will be contract and expand with humidity and temperature.
  • After you purchased a piano then you have to tune it once in a year. Note that the tuning is required only for acoustic pianos and not for digital pianos.
  • Beware of the underfloor heating as it makes your piano dry.

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