Corea started his Career from a Small Upright Piano

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Corea started his Career from a Small Upright Piano

Armando Anthony “Chick” musical experience began by the time he first dealt with a piano keyboard when he was only 4 years old. That had been when his mom bought a small upright piano and it was lifted using a crane to their 4th-floor flat in Chelsea. His father, also Armando, was a well-known trumpeter in coming-out parties’ weddings and dances. Musician pals were frequent visitors at their home, and his dad’s nicely stacked Art Blakey, Bud Powell, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and Sarah Vaughan.

Young Chick was absorbing and getting music education without knowing it, and once his fingers attached with these ivories, there was a small ripple that transformed into a drive that turned into a passion that now, at the age of 77, yet he feels. Corea will push all of that with him the time when he along with his band existing band, Carlitos Del Puerto on bass, Marcus Gilmore on drums the Vigilette Trio,  — played ten sets of Corea originals and Broadway and jazz standards, more than 5 back-to-back nights at Scullers Jazz Club, that is going to start on Sep 19.

Variety has regularly been a preference of Corea’s means to music. Whilst piano is still his main tool, between studio setup and live shows, he has played trumpet, marimba and drums. His music genre included mainstream, bebop, mainstream jazz, fusion, classical, Latin and avant garde.

He was asked that were you the skilled little child who amazed many people with your playing piano? I used to play around town. When my age was 9 or 8 years, either my uncle or my mother got me a concert at a barroom on the corner of Everett Avenue and Broadway. They’d an upright piano, while my mom would take me there to play. She would sit by the piano to defend me, I used to play for about an hour at night.

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