A Guide for Steinway Piano Bench Buyers

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Steinway piano benches

Steinway and sons are known for making the world most elegant and popular piano in all over the world. They have the tradition of making their position on top for more than 150 years. Besides, Steinway are not making their own piano benches, indeed they have given this contract to Jansen & son to create benches for their Steinway & sons products. It mean if you are looking for a Steinway piano bench, in fact you will be looking for Jensen piano bench.

The short history of Jensen is that he was a rich piano bench maker in Wisconsin. They have been known as the world top quality benches. They use the best quality maple hardwood and think vinyl of furniture quality. Jensen is famous for their benches which include micro adjustable and heavy duty features.

If you compare the Jansen benches with other benches of American Manufacturers, you will find the Jansen benches more distinctive because of the long lasting behavior like if not for decades then surely for years that is made of heavy duty polyester foam that is also thick and you can keep the piano bench next to your thousand dollars’ worth piano instrument.

Ultimately we can say that Jensen manufactures benches for Steinway as they are their official manufacturers. The best thing that they offer is you will not see anywhere the styles of their piano bench legs. Moreover, Jensen offer different kind of legs styles that includes, XV leg, provincial legs, Steinway imperial legs, etc. This high selection of legs will allow you to match a bench of your choice with your piano and you will not go for the most typical spade or square tapered.

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