Guidelines for Buying a Second Hand Piano in Dubai

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Buying Second hand piano in Dubai

You are in Dubai and want to buy or sell your piano. You might know that used or second hand pianos change different hands every year. Just a small number of pianos are in better condition. If you want to sell your piano you must have to prepare it for selling. But again if you want to buy a used piano in Dubai how can you do it?

First find the best showroom for used pianos for sale in Dubai UAE. And check the following things. Just read the below guidelines.

Sticking keys or hammers

Sometimes because of the bad atmosphere, the keys of your piano becomes very sticky. Check the keys of the piano that you want to buy. After absorbing moisture the keys moment becomes restricted. In case of one or two notes, it is possible to repair it but they are a lot then it’s difficult to manage. However, you will need to repair and dismantle it.

Noisy keys or noise from the action

The keys becomes hard with time, so adjustment is necessary to remove the unnecessary noises but in case of serious damage a repair or rebuild will be necessary.

Hard Tone / Dead Tone

After the hammer felt has been compressed or damaged the tone becomes hard. The hammers that are damaged seriously will not be able to repair and new hammers would be installed. Similarly, If your piano has very dead tone, it is possible because of the damaged hammers and it also means that the piano hammers need replacement as it might have lost the original flexibility.

Out of tune

If the piano is out of tune it means that it hasn’t been tuned for a long time and it needs tuning. It depends how much it has fallen its pitch the tuning will be done according to the situation.


In old pianos sometimes the woodworm has been observed as they attack on the timber. You have to check the small holes and the wood dust. If you find it, it means a woodworm has been attacked on your piano.

Uneven piano keys

Check the keys if they are in perfect condition. The uneven keys with depression or rise indicates that the wooden frame that the keys covers has been damaged. So avoid it.

Pedals not working

As the levers connect pedals to the action, you have to check if the levers are dislodged the pedals will be unable to work.


The casework hasn’t any affect on the piano because the piano’s main function is inside. However, the case indicates that how rough the piano has been used.