How Piano Keys Work

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How Piano keys work

Did you know how piano keys work? You might know the fact that Piano sound is very different from any other instrument, but on the contrary if you have heard its sound on radio you will think that why it’s making noise. The main point to discuss is that piano has basically two kids of instruments. The one is string-instrument as these strings cause to make the sound, but at the same time it’s also behaving like a percussion instrument or a drum; and the sound is created when it is being hit by something. If you hear the music of a Bartok who is a composer you will realize that it is being played percussive.

Whenever you press a key of piano what things occurs I will explain you one by one. Its key is a long wooden lever; this is also like a seesaw, but one end is much long than the other one. When one key is pressed the second end of the key goes up in the air and force the small hammer to press in the contradiction of the strings that makes a musical note. Behind the hammer there is another part call damper that is also forced in the air. After you release the key the damper and hammer fall back. The damper then stops its vibrating and the note is being brought to the end.


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