How to Find out the Significance of Your Piano

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How to find out significance of your piano

Do I need to purchase this piano? After using a piano how much it will return back if you sell it?

Like a car, assessing the worth of a piano, is complex. Two cars manufactured in the same year, have different specification. A piano that is restored has some value as compared to one without repair and recovery.

Similarly, two nearly identical looking pianos might have very different values based on their condition, age, and manufacturer.

But, in the case of pianos it’s even more difficult to assess the value than automobiles.

If you look at the cars, you will find that most of the cars have been made in the past 60 years. However, if you talk about the pianos, then the range touches upto more than 200 years+. Still there are some pianos that are more than 70 years old.

Probably you have heard the name of Steinway as it’s very famous. They are making high quality pianos from a long time and almost every year is good for them. But the thing is without enough knowledge of pianos you can’t do anything.

Same like when you buy a car, you kick the tyres and would listen to the engine and would do some test drive. Here are some tests that you can do on pianos as well.

  1. Check the Keys

Check Piano Keys -

Beginning with the first key and ascending to the final key observe the following.

Begin from the first key and go towards the final key.

Also note that is it takes the same effort or exertion while playing each and every key. If the result is uneven then it mean the piano has some mechanical issues.

  1. Check thestrings, Pins, and Soundboard.

The lifetime of your piano will be less if the strings and pends are dusty and you can see it under the lid. It will also need a full restringing if a string is missing or have been replaced.

Also check if the soundboard is cracked it is located below the string while it amplifies and resonates sound that is coming from the strings. It means that the soundboard has been repaired if you see a lot of cracks in the soundboard.

  1. Look at its Finish

Check if the finish is original. You will find a lot of pianos that are poorly refinished. Mostly the scratches, dents and cracks are repairable but the major damage might not be repairable, so in case of major damage you can say that the piano has been dropped or abused.

  1. Know the Age and BrandAge of a piano by serial number

Also see the branch and age of the piano. There are different sites that can show you the age of a piano from its serial number.

  1. Consult an Expert

Before spending any amount of money on your piano, take the help of your nearest piano tuner. are the experts for piano tuning, moving and selling pianos in Dubai. If you need any help in all the mentioned things, you can visit our website.