How to Take Care of Your Piano

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how to take care of piano

In this article we have explain how to take care of your piano.

Put your piano in a suitable place:

Pianos are mostly made by irons, wood, steel wires and glue. High temperatures and humidity may harm your piano as some parts of your piano may shrink and swell and in some cases soundboard may crack and glue joints may fail. To get rid of these damages, always keep your piano in a room with same temperature and humidity level. The ideal temperature for piano is around 70 Fahrenheit and the best humidity level for piano is 50%.

Cover the keys when not in use:

When you are not using your piano. Cover the keys to prevent dust or your pet’s hair from going inside between the keys. If you have got the piano with a cover, try to use it regularly otherwise you can buy for it.

Keep liquids at a distance:

To get rid of severe internal damage to your piano, keep the drinking liquids away from your piano. Do not use your piano as a table or surface for drinking or eating.

Play your piano:

When you are using your piano regularly, the parts will move and thus it will prevent you from servicing your piano again and again. Try to play it one time minimum in a week.

Cleaning Dust:

After a few days try to clean your piano with damp cloth and mild soap. Clean the external parts or finishing of your piano but avoid those liquids that contain chemicals. Avoid cleaning dusting your piano inside and leave this to a professional piano technician.

Find a piano technician:

To care your inner parts of your piano always rely on a professional. You can find a piano technician by asking from your friends or online.

Tune the piano regularly:

A technician knows how to deal with your piano. Moreover, inside your piano there are 200+ strings, so your piano tuning also depends on how often you play it. Normally people tune their piano twice a year.


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