How to Keep your Piano Clean

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how to clean piano

Cleaning your piano regularly is a best practice to enhance or to increase your piano’s life time. By doing this, it will not only save your money but also your time to call the professional to repair it repeatedly. However, to make your piano clean you will need some specific products and the right method to use that products to get rid of scratches.

The tools needed

To clean your piano you will need the following list of tools.

  • A clean and soft cloth.
  • Duster (feather)
  • Detergent dish liquid for cleaning

How to keep your piano clean

The first step you have to clean your piano keys is to dusting them. If there is dust, it may enter in your soundboard and can damage your piano. The feather duster is used in this situation and it can clean the piano keys. However, this process should be done gently to get rid of scratches. Dusting your piano should be done frequently to forbid dust from entering your piano entire parts.

Cleaning plastic keys

To clean the plastic keys, you will need some cleaning solution. Take some water in a bowl and mix some cleaning solution in it. Now mix it and take the clean cloth and put it in the mixture. Now squeeze water from the dipped cloth and wipe the keys gently. Keep cleaning it with front-to-back mition till cleaning solution completely removed from the keys.

Now clean the plastic keys using a dry clean cloth. Continue the process until you realize some shining effect in the plastic keys.

Cleaning ivory keys

You will need to clean the ivory keys if your piano has. Get a clean damp cloth and sprinkle some water on the ivory keys and gently clean it with front-back motion. Do not clean all the ivory keys at once. Try to clean them one by one to clean the dirt perfectly.

Clean the casework

Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior of your piano and then use a dry cloth to make it dry. To avoid scratches clean it very gently. Use a cloth that is very soft like cotton or microfiber. Make sure the cloth is just a small damp and not wet.

Polish your piano

Polishing your piano if necessary; if you want to polish your piano, apply a small quantity of polish onto a clean cloth and apply gently on the place where you want to apply on. After this gently rub the specific area with a clean cloth to remove the extra polish.

Clean the soundboard

If you are inexperienced in cleaning the interior of the piano, just avoid this part. However, to clean it, first of all blow away the dust from that specific part. The cleaning can be done by using a compressed air nozzle or vacuum in a very careful manner to keep the interior safe. Avoid touching the strings and blow all the dust in a place from where you can easily clean it. However, if you do not have experience with this, then call to a professional to do so.

Tips for keeping your piano clean

Always wash your hands before touching or playing your piano. The more quickly your paino will get dirty if you touch it with dirty hands.

Keep your piano away from very hot or very cold environment. Moreover, the sunlight may also damage your piano.

Keep your easting stuffs away from piano.

Close your led when the piano is not in used.

To clean the piano don’t use colored cloth. Use the clean white cloth instead.



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