What About Purchasing a Used Yamaha Piano?

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Same like purchasing any used thing, if you want to purchase a used Yamaha piano, it has lot of risk. Only a qualified technician can understand the good and bad of a used piano. An ordinary person cannot guess if the piano has been correctly maintained. We recommend to buy used piano for sale just from a well-known and trusted piano dealer.

The main issue in the piano is the dryness. This problem raised in some of the Yamaha pianos in 1960s. This is discovered that as compared to Japan, the indoor environment is dryer in America.

After this research Yamaha to develop some computer-controlled kilns, and some other manufacturing methods that made these pianos to be completely seasoned and reliable homes in America. That is the reason Yamaha are known as long lasting pianos as because of this investment.

Most of the used pianos that are used in America nowadays are those Pianos that had been manufactured for Japanese use. Most of these pianos have been manufactured without caring of the seasoning techniques.

The point is that the pianos that are not seasoned for the US market, so it is really not recommended to buy those pianos from the gray market of pianos.

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