How to Sell Piano in Dubai

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How to Sell piano in Dubai UAE

You must be thinking about how to sell a used piano in Dubai. Sometimes it becomes very challenging because of the slump that used pianos has fallen its prices due to some changes in piano sales and increase in supply. Moreover, the seller also don’t know is my piano salable or not.

Is My Piano Saleable?

If you don’t know that your piano is able to sale or not, you just need to consider the following things.

Mostly for the expensive or decent pianos, people have good surrounding for it. It means, that if your piano has good condition, then it is easy to sale; otherwise, if the piano has used roughly then it’s less likely to sell.


Mostly pianos with good brand or famous brands makes more interest than those pianos that hasn’t a famous brand. The most sealable brands nowadays are Yamaha, Steinway & Sons, Kawai and other handmade brands.


Also consider the age and condition of the piano. Most of the people believe that pianos with age more than 100 becomes more valuable as “antiques”. For using purpose people normally buy new pianos with good condition. As you might know that most of the pianos are made with life expectancy of 40 to 60 years and this is a common sense that with age it will not become better than the old condition but will become worse.

To find-out the age of the piano, you can find it from the serial number. You might know that on vertical pianos the serial number is mostly on the metal plate that’s inside the lid. In Grand pianos, the serial number is below the music desk on the plate.


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