Why it is Necessary to Tune Your Piano Regularly?

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Why it is Necessary to Tune Your Piano Regularly?

Is my piano out of tune?

If you don’t know that how important is to tune a piano, let’s give you an example. An orchestras and concert performances the piano tuner check the piano tuning in the 15 minutes break. This is to adjust it and tune the piano for slight adjustments. If pianos go out of tune in such small period of time then just imagine how they will be after using for months and even years.

Humidity is one of the main factors to make your piano unstable. In summer season the piano pitch is lowered to A=440, then the soundboard absorbs a lot of humidity and the piano’s pitch becomes very high but on the other day the tuner will decrease its pitch because of high humidity. Thus the piano goes out of tune several times as it was located in the outdoor environment.

Temperature also highly effect the piano. A lot of people heat their floors in their homes. When the soundboard is protected by some means and the soundboard has some anti-humidity system installed then the piano will not go out of tune. However, the soundboard gets effected from the bottom side and it compresses gradually and the pitch goes down below a=440.

Moving a piano has very less effect on the piano tuning. Even if you read the documentations that are even 100 years old, you will find the same statement that piano moving has very less effect on a piano.  

Is my piano at pitch?

Sometimes it seems to you that your piano is tuned properly but it is out of tune as some of the notes might not be working properly. So, your pitch changes with time as your piano is being used, so it needs to be fixed and properly tuned.

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