Why My Piano Goes Out of Tune?

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Why My Piano Goes Out of Tune

A lot of people ask that why my piano goes out of tune. There might be many reasons but the most common is environmental change. A piano is manufactured by steel, wood and some cast iron. If you check your grand piano and lift the lid, you can see inside the strings that are made by steel. The strings are further linked to a cast iron plate and below the strings there is sound board that is the main source for a lot of problems.

If you see the soundboard clearly you will see that soundboard is crowned; that means it is lower in the edges and higher in the middle. If you check in the grand piano you will see some long strings crossing the long piece of wood also called sound board. Just like violin, the strings of piano also go on the bridge. The bridge converts the strings’ vibration created by the hammer towards that soundboard that also amplifies the strings’ vibration. This is all the process how your piano makes sound.

You will know that pianos usually absorbs humidity. When it is a very humid day your piano may absorb humidity and thus the soundboard may expand. As the soundboard is restricted by the piano’s sides that’s why it doesn’t expand outwards.

Due to a lot of humidity when the soundboard expands, at the same time it pushes the bridge and the strings. The strings are already tight and when they are pressed, the tension increases and thus the pitch increases. In that case you will need a professional piano tuner to fix it.

The increase in humidity level is directly proportional to issues in the soundboard. Still, there are some latest pianos that are not much affected by environmental change. Keep in mind that the piano goes out of tune constantly even if the change in humidity is equal to 5%.

Besides, there could also be some structure problems that tends your piano to go out of tune quickly. However, if you need piano tuning in Dubai, just visit usedpiano.ae and explain us your issue. One of our piano tuner will be on your door to tune your piano.